30 December 2009 [Biotic pump]
15 responses to the Spanish Meteorological Magazine and a few links

In October 2009 the Spanish Meteorological Magazine RAM approached us with an interview request. We received 15 questions. Our responses to these questions constitute an overview of the biotic pump theory as it stands in the end of 2009. RAM are intending to publish the responses in Spanish, after which we will be able to add the link to the interview page.
Update: The interview in Spanish is available here.

The following reflections on the biotic pump topic might be of interest to our readers:

Do rain forests make rain? Steve Mirski. Scientific American, July 2009.

D. Sheil and D. Murdiyarso's paper on biotic pump has been translated into Hungarian and is available here.

Faculty of 1000 Biology posted two evaluations on the biotic pump topic.