31 December 2009 [BR for Everyone]
Happy New Year!

In our opinion, our main 2009 achievement has been the quantitative description of hurricanes and tornadoes based on the same physics the biotic pump of atmospheric moisture is based upon. The key finding was the formulation of Equation (4) relating wind velocity and air pressure drop from the vortex outskirts to the vortex center. Namely, the more rapidly the air ascends, the more rapidly its water vapor cools and condenses, which results in a pressure fall at the surface.

We consider this work important as it will allow researchers from various fields (including those unrelated to ecology) to evaluate the physical mechanism of the biotic pump. This understanding can facilitate scientific recognition of the importance of forest cover for the atmospheric moisture transport. The next step will be recognition of the other biotic regulation statements.

Among those, the key one is the statement that the stability of a climate and environment favorable for human life cannot be ensured on Earth populated by seven billion people. We are glad that in 2009 the "Nauka i zhizn" ("Science and Life") magazine initiated a discussion of the most important problem of birthrate control and population numbers reduction as it published a biotic regulation interview (in Russian). The print version of this interview is available here.

We wish a Happy New Year to all our readers!

Happy New Year!