25 July 2010 [Your questions]
Why the HEAT? Europe heading to desert

This July is anomalously hot in most part of Europe. In St. Petersburg, for example, there has been practically no rain for over three weeks. The earth is exposed to relentless baking by the Sun that travels over cloudless sky all day long (and the day is long). Meteorologists explain that it is the so-called blocking anticyclone to blame. This weather beast does not allow the cool, wet air masses to penetrate to the continent from the Atlantic. But European Russia is not a desert yet. Moisture continues to evaporate intensely from the earth surface. Where does this moisture disappear? Why are rains so rare or absent altogether? What is the cause of the blocking anticyclone itself? Read more

Europe marches to desert

Europe on its way to the desert. Forest logging in Leningrad district, Russia, 2010.

The biotic pump interview was published in Spanish here.