10 January 2012 [Publications]
"Ecological requirements versus cultural landscape opportunities in Homo sapiens" and more

Makarieva A.M., Gorshkov V.G., Li B.-L. (2011) Have ecological human rights been globally lost? A conflict of ecological spatial requirements and cultural landscape opportunities in the modern Homo sapiens. "Landscape Ecology in Asian Cultures" (Eds. Hong S.-K., Wu J., Kim J.-E., Nakagoshi N.) Ecological Research Monographs, 2011, Part I, 129-137.

Interview to mongabay.com "Is the Russian forest code a warning for Brazil?"

Documentary "Amazonia Amenazada" ("Amazonia under Threat") with introduction of the biotic pump concept (Telesur, Venezuela).

Our paper Where do winds come from? may be eyeing a Guiness record having now been under review for 20 (twenty) months. Whenever we approach the journal, the reply is that they are doing their best. We are positive, after all the fact that 20 months have not been enough to reject a paper suggests it might be indeed a thought-provoking one.