11 December 2012 [Your questions]
Does biotic pump work on a small scale?
29. "Biotic pump theory explains the role of forests in atmospheric circulation on a planetary scale. However, if it is a major mechanism behind the water cycle it should also be applicable on a smaller scale (a watershed for example) influencing creation of a microclimate and a pattern of water distribution. Do you have any data to suggest smaller scale biotic pump action? After all Nature works on principle of fractals and it should be applicable to any scale. This seems to be evident from empirical work of Peter Andrews on restoration projects in Australia. His Natural Sequence Farming principles of landscape management described in his books "On the Brink" and "Back from the Brink" I think confirms it."
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Answered 11 December 2012.
Question author: Sergei Karabut.
Asked 20 November 2012.

Biotic pump in school
Students in New Zealand studying the local action of biotic pump.
The hanging fan comes on to emulate the biotic pump, and you can see the air freshener aerosol that squirts to a mist to emulate forest aerosols.