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7 April 2008

Gorshkov V.G., Makarieva A.M. (2008) The osmotic condensational force of water vapor in the terrestrial atmosphere. Preprint No. 2763, Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute, Gatchina, 43 pp. Abstract. PDF (0.4 Mb).

Gorshkov V.G., Makarieva A.M., Li B.-L. (2008) Comprehending environmental and economic sustainability: Comparative analysis of stability principles in the biosphere and free market economy. Preprint No. 2754, Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute, Gatchina, 50 pp. Abstract. PDF (1 Mb).

Li B.-L., Gorshkov V.G., Makarieva A.M. (2008) Allometric scaling as an indicator of ecosystem state: A new approach. In: I. Petrosillo et al. (eds.) Use of Landscape Sciences for the Assessment of Environmental Security, NATO Science for Peace and Security Series C: Environmental Security, Springer, the Netherlands, pp. 107-117. Abstract. PDF (1 Mb).

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14 February 2008
Welcome to the new Biotic Regulation web site!
Having resided at for over six years, Biotic Regulation has now largely moved to its new location, Some documents still remain on the old site, but will move here shortly. The old site will not be updated, but will be maintained for some time.
Biotic Pump
New subsection, Feel the Pump Physics, is introduced. Interactive Flash models of the major physical effects underlying biotic pump facilitate understanding of this phenomenon. You can change and measure gas pressure, make water evaporate, make gases diffuse or flow dynamically, and, finally, switch atmospheric circulation over forests, clear-cuts and deserts, on and off yourself. The models were created for our website by Dr. Sergey Buruchenko (Snezhinsk,
Russian subsections of Biotic Pump have been substantially extended, including presentation of Main findings (formerly missing) and Discussion.
Biotic Regulation for Everyone
How much, whom to, and why does the civilization overpay for oil?
...the civilization is forced to pay the highest affordable price (currently 10% of global GDP) for energy that is produced by a negligible minority of the working population (currently ~0.1%) and sold at prices greatly exceeding the cost price (currently by 40 times). This burden of economically unjustified overpayments keeps the world economy eternally on the verge of breakdown...
Gorshkov V.G., Makarieva A.M. (2007) Human thinking, longevity and the problems of living matter orderliness. Ecology and Education, No. 3-4 (2007), 7-11. [in Russian] No abstract. PDF (1.2 Mb).
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