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We note that the biotic regulation concept justifies the urgent necessity to conserve undisturbed ecosystems on a planetary scale on the basis of strictly pragmatic reasoning backed by quantitative arguments. Whatever our personal subjective attitude to nature (admiration, love, rejection, indifference, ignorance etc.), the existence of globally important territories occupied by undisturbed ecosystems is an objective and indispensable condition of the personal survival of every human being and his or her direct offspring.

Five days in the rainforest: 80 photos [enter]
20 November 2014.

White birdFlower under the canopyFrog portraitPristine forestThicket

Boreal Spring in Portraits: 16 photos [enter]
4 July 2011.

Tysties: courtshipOystercatcherFrog about to singRobber flies mating

Eyecatchers: 11 photos [enter]
12 July 2010.

She and he...!!!SunbathingUnfolding life

Spring Thrill: 26 photos [enter]
12 July 2008.

On the bogWinter is backSea BeautyPinks

Greenland: 20 photos [enter]
15 September 2007.

FjordHazeAnother ice sheetUnexpected colors

Autumn Romance: 23 photos [enter]
14 February 2006.

Blue horizonsHerbs and skyBlueberriesLast, sunny day!Cowberries

Past Springs: 16 photos [enter]
14 February 2005.

FoxForest and seaYouth of fernsSeaside

They are looking at us: 7 photos [enter]
1 March 2003.

Lizard, Cricket, Little Skua and Toad