Biotic regulation concept has profound implications for every aspect of human life, which is itself unthinkable without biotic regulation. In this section we present popular texts considering problems of everybody's concern like weather, climate, energy or demography. They were written at various stages of the concept development. Your comments are welcome. Please, use our comment form or our blog. Documents are listed in reverse chronological order.

New goals for fundamental science
6 October 2017.
Convergence, Shrinking and Implosion versus Divergence, Expansion and Explosion during Condensation
15 October 2013.
On the results of 2012 London Olympics: Energetic records of animals and man
18 August 2012.
Modern economic instability and the problem of surplus distribution from a natural science viewpoint
20 November 2011.
Homo sapiens — the rightless animal? (on humanitarian disaster of a global scale)
14 February 2009.
Those Russians, did they use to have rivers? On the question of building the Evenkiyskaya (Turukhanskaya) hydropower on the Nizhnyaya Tunguska river (A. Nefiodov)
18 August 2008.
Oil and economic slavery in the 21st century
3 August 2008.
How much, whom to, and why does the civilization overpay for oil?
14 February 2008.
Demography: Survivorship Essentials: Neglected aspects of the population numbers' problem
14 February 2007.
Forest, water and weather or where is European winter?
8 December 2006.
What are the causes of the degradation of the biosphere?
14 February 2006.
On the occasion of Russia signing the Kyoto protocol: Climate warming or climate collapse?
14 February 2005.
Empirical evidence for the biotic regulation concept
2 March 2002.
Biotic regulation and the concepts of genetic adaptation and nutrient limitation
6 October 2001.
Biotic regulation overview
6 October 2001.
SERIES Ecology and Education Magazine (PDF files, in Russian):

2007: Human thinking, longevity and the problems of living matter orderliness [1.2 Mb]
2006: Rivers on Earth. Will they be flowing for ever? [0.8 Mb]
2004: Scientific bases for nature conservation strategies [0.4 Mb]
2001: Pollution of the environment by audible information [0.3 Mb]
2001: Information in the animate and inanimate worlds [1.2 Mb]

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