Those Russians, did they use to have rivers?

On the question of building the Evenkiyskaya (Turukhanskaya) hydropower on the Nizhnyaya Tunguska river

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Biotic regulation concept provides the platform for specific actions aimed at preserving the environment in a state favorable for humans. We offer to your attention the open letter of Prof. Andrei Nefiodov published in a local newspaper "Turukhanskaya shirota" (No. 35, 25 August 2008). Dr. Nefiodov speaks of the projected hydropower construction on one of the once virgin Siberian rivers. Author contact details: Prof. Andrei V. Nefiodov, Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute, 188300, Gatchina, St. Petersburg, Russia, e-mail:

So far no English translation of this document exists. Links below refer to the Russian text.

The problem
What do we need wild nature for? (on jumping from the skyscrapers)
Siberia: price and virtue
Is the hydropower needed: cheap energy? new working places? development?
Then who wants the hydropower? Enslaving the river
River and the people