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27 November 2014 [Report]
The Future Climate of Amazonia by A. D. Nobre

Our friend and coauthor Antonio Donato Nobre (National Institute for Space Research, Brazil) presented on 31 October 2014 a scientific report on the impact of the Amazon rainforest on climate. The report is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

The main message is that deforestation of the Amazon forest will lead to desertification of the major agricultural regions in the south-east of Brazil, since it is the biotic pump of the Amazon forest that drives moisture to the continent from the ocean. It is already happening. We need to start reforestation yesterday.

Biotic pump as a heart
Biotic pump works as a heart (image by arvoresertecnologico)

The south-eastern part of Brazil has been exposed to an unprecedented drought in the last few months. This situation facilitated attention to Antonio's report: for the first time "biotic pump" appeared on the pages of mainstream media. The report was unifying in that it resonated with both the left and the right.

Two more links to recent publications on biotic pump in one Russian and one Norwegian magazine:

Natural forest as a biotic pump
Natural forest works as biotic pump, plantations do not
(image by arvoresertecnologico)