30 January 2016 [Your questions]
Replies to Igor Reyf and Vladimir

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30. "In “Ecology and life” magazine (No. 10, 2010, in Russian) there was an article “Global ecological crisis and biotic regulation” by V. Savenko. The author considers evidence from geochemistry, the so-called “big” or geological matter cycling, which is not affected by the regulatory functioning of the biota. In other words, some limits to the biotic regulation theory are outlined. I would be grateful for your comments on this matter. Thanks in advance."
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Answered 28 January 2016.
Question author: Igor Reyf.
Asked 21 January 2016.

White Sea mollusc

31. "Dear Authors! Please explain what your grounds are when you state that forest evaporation exceeds oceanic evaporation. For example, in the book of V.V. Rakhmanov “Hydroclimatic role of forests” Moscow 1984 there is an overview of two centuries of measurements and calculations, according to which forest evaporation or transpiration does not in any way exceed oceanic evaporation, not being even close. Thank you in advance for your response. "
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Answered 30 January 2016.
Question author: Vladimir.
Asked 28 January 2016.