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18 April 2016 [BR for Everyone]
Brazilian Forest Code

In 2011 Brazil adopted a new forest code, which significantly facilitated forest destruction. We pointed out a striking similarity between the Brazilian and the Russian forest codes and their environmental implications. Since then the deforestation rates in Brazil spiked. In parallel, the country was struck by a megadrought, which also contributed to the economic and political crisis.

Today 18 April 2016 in Brasilia in the Supreme Court there are public hearings as to whether the Brazilian forest code is consistent with the country's constitution. Our friend and colleague Antonio Donato Nobre speaks as one of twenty-two experts affirmed by the Supreme Judge. In the video, pay attention to how the deforested Australia is locked for atmospheric moisture, despite moist air abounds around its coast (from 6.00 to 6.15 on the tape). See Antonio's report in greater detail here.

Antonio's recent report about the Amazon forest is part of the official documents considered by the Judge. There is hope that the most destructive part of the forest code will be abolished.

In Brasil, but not in Russia. We are convinced that in Russia a serious discussion of the crucial role our forests play in keeping our country habitable is urgently needed.

Kureika, Siberia, 1974