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7 October 2017 [BR for Everyone]
New goals for fundamental science. Part II

2017 is the Year of Ecology in Russia. On this occasion, we offer a new article "New goals for fundamental science", in four parts. Today we offer Part II "Where does water come from?". The remainder will be published reasonably soon (as soon as we get the English translation done).Stay tuned by subscribing to our news and/or telegram channel @bioticregulation (a Russian-English mix).

Read also a recent blog post by Douglas Sheil "Forests versus hurricanes" telling about our recently obtained results (more details soon), listen to AM's interview on the same topic to ChannelAfrica from Johannesburg (7.7 Mb.

In our telegram channel #yourquestions stand for your questions. Recently we have been discussing (mostly in Russian) a reader's question about the regulatory potential of the mysterious mammoth steppes giving home to big animals.

Bears are often herbivorous