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21 November 2018 [Research]
Time in life, technology and physics

Work and heat are both measured in Joules, but they have distinct physical meaning and significance for life. Likewise time of a rotating planet and time of an ageing person are different. Today we discuss time (so far in Russian only with an English abstract).

Gorshkov V.G., Makarieva A.M. (2018) Time in life, technology and physics. doi:10.13140/RG.2.2.35964.59528 [in Russian] Abstract. pdf

We have been also occupied with the following research:

Gorshkov V.G., Makarieva A.M. (2018) Quantum and classical aspects of life organization. doi:10.13140RG.2.2.29798.88645 [in Russian] Abstract. pdf

Makarieva A.M., Gorshkov V.G., Nefiodov A.V., Chikunov A.V., Sheil D., Nobre A.D., Nobre P., Li B.-L. (2018) Hurricane’s maximum potential intensity and surface heat fluxes. arXiv:1810.12451 [] Abstract. pdf

Makarieva A.M., Gorshkov V.G., Nobre A.D., Nefiodov A.V., Sheil D., Nobre P., Li B.-L. (2018) Comments on "Is condensation-induced atmospheric dynamics a new theory of the origin of the winds?" by Jaramillo et al. (2018). arXiv:1809.01874 [] Abstract. pdf

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