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31 December 2008
Happy New Year!
Dear Reader,
It is almost a year that Biotic Regulation has moved to its new location. Thank you so much for your feedback that we received in 2008 via our contact form and beyond.
In the coming year we hope to launch a new feature, something like "Inside SciEncE", where we will be reporting on the detective adventures of our biotic regulation studies as they struggle for the attention and benevolence of the world scientific community. We also hope to ultimately move all the materials here from the old site and to add a few essential English translations. You are welcome!
27 November 2008

Makarieva A.M., Gorshkov V.G., Li B.-L., Chown S.L., Reich P.B., Gavrilov V.M. (2008) Mean mass-specific metabolic rates are strikingly similar across life's major domains: Evidence for life's metabolic optimum. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences U.S.A., 105, 16994-16999. Abstract. PDF (0.3 Mb)., Supplementary Information Complete File, 212 pp. (PDF, 1.2 Mb)

Makarieva A.M., Gorshkov V.G., Li B.-L. (2008) Energy budget of the biosphere and civilization: Rethinking environmental security of global renewable and non-renewable resources. Ecological Complexity, 5, 281-288. Abstract. PDF (0.4 Mb).

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Biotic Pump
New Flash visualizations of the physical and ecological principles of the biotic pump of atmospheric moisture created by Dr. Sergey Buruchenko (Snezhinsk,, see here и here.

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30 September 2008
Please, note that the letter of Dr. Nefiodov On the question of building the Evenkiyskaya (Turukhanskaya) hydropower on the Nizhnyaya Tunguska river.
was published in a local newspaper "Turukhanskaja shirota" (not "Mayak Severa").
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The atlantes hold the sky. A new look on the driving forces of the continental moisture cycle. I.E. Reif writes about the biotic pump of atmospheric moisture in Nauka i zhizn ("Science and Life"). ("Nauka i zhizn", No. 9 (2008), pp. 2-9, 0.9 Mb, in Russian). Article link on the journal's website:
Makarieva A.M., Gorshkov V.G., Li B.-L. (2008) On the validity of representing hurricanes as Carnot heat engine. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions, 8, 17423-17437. PDF (0.4 Mb). Print version (0.4 Mb).
Interactive discussion (open until 14 November 2008).
It is argued, on the basis of detailed critique of published literature, that the existing thermodynamic theory of hurricanes, where it is assumed that the hurricane power is formed due to heat input from the ocean, is not physically consistent, as it comes in conflict with the first and second laws of thermodynamics. A quantitative perspective of describing hurricane energetics as that of an adiabatic atmospheric process occurring at the expense of condensation of water vapor that creates drop of local air pressure, is outlined.

Preparing for discussion
Preparing for discussion

18 August 2008
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Those Russians, did they use to have rivers? On the question of building the Evenkiyskaya (Turukhanskaya) hydropower on the Nizhnyaya Tunguska river.
Biotic regulation concept provides the platform for specific actions aimed at preserving the environment in a state favorable for humans. We offer to your attention the open letter of Prof. Andrei Nefiodov sent to a local newspaper "Turukhanskaja shirota". He speaks of the projected hydropower construction on one of the once virgin Siberian rivers.
3 August 2008
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Oil and economic slavery in the 21st century.
Why is life becoming so tough for the developed world?
Publications: Books
Books have also moved here from the old site. Several chapters (Russian and English) were added in PDF format. See here.
8 July 2008
The photogalleries moved here from the old site. New photogallery, Spring Thrill, has been added. You are welcome!
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