Do rain forests make rain? Steve Mirski. Scientific American, July 2009.

D. Sheil and D. Murdiyarso's paper on biotic pump has been translated into Hungarian and is available here.

Faculty of 1000 Biology posted two evaluations on the biotic pump topic.

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The atlantes hold the sky. A new look on the driving forces of the continental moisture cycle. I.E. Reif writes about the biotic pump of atmospheric moisture in Nauka i zhizn ("Science and Life"). ("Nauka i zhizn", No. 9 (2008), pp. 2-9, 0.9 Mb, translated from Russian). Article link on the journal's website:

In October 2007 an interesting prediction of the biotic pump theory was confirmed, namely that natural forests should increase transpiration during droughts (Saleska S.R., Didan K., Huete A.R., da Rocha H.R. (2007) Amazon Forests Green-Up During 2005 Drought. Science 318: 612). Increased evaporation leads to intensification of the upwelling fluxes of moist air and of horizontal influx of moist air from the ocean, to offset the adverse effects of the drought. Forests that do regulate the water cycle are expected to behave like this. This behaviour was confirmed with satellite data on leaf area index in Amazon forests during the 2005 drought.

Forest pump of Professor Gorshkov. R. Nudelman.
Okna, Israel. 25 May 2007 (in Russian).

Biotic pump presented at the 2007 Assembly of the European Geosciences Union (Vienna, Austria, 17 April 2007): text of the presentation including Flash animations of relevant physical effects.

Savanization of the Amazon can cause climate impact in the Country: Studies show that the shrinking of Forests must affect winds, increase El Nino frequency and provoke drought (PDF, 0.4 Mb)
O Estado de Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 8 April 2007 (in Portuguese).

Who broke the climate pump? Ye. Kokurina.
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