Question No. 12

Has the humanity enough time to reduce global populations numbers without completely destroying the biosphere? What should be undertaken towards this goal?
Answered 14 February 2007.
Question author: Jos van Damme.
Asked 16 August 2006.

On August 16th, 2006 Professor Jos van Damme raised several important topics in his questions:

"I read the summary of the birth reduction plea and it shocked me quite strongly. If it is true that a tenfold or even a hundredfold reduction in population numbers is necessary for humans to live in balance with the world ecosystem, then this seems to imply destruction of the world ecosystem in practice to me, because I am not very optimistic that the human world population will reduce birth rates enough and in time in practice.
My first question is how much time does humanity have to reduce the birth rate around the globe sufficiently to prevent destruction of the world ecosystem? How many generations may this process of reducing birth rate take to work effectively?
My second question is what sort of process do you envisage for the human population to come to a reduction of birthrates? I see none at the moment; I see only misuderstandings and misuse of your ideas about birth rate reduction in political environments, what makes me rather pessimistic..."

The essay "SURVIVORSHIP ESSENTIALS: Neglected aspects of the population numbers' problem" was written in response to these questions. The most general answer is that today the study of the demographic problem aimed at increasing public awareness in this most important sphere should be given the highest priority, then the needed changes in societal practices will not make one wait long.

The essay comes in two languages, Russian and English. In Russian it can be read in full right now, while the English translation will be coming chapter by chapter, with the Preface and Section I.1. INTERNAL DEMOGRAPHIC PROBLEM: Population load of children and the elderly already available.