Question No. 4

What are locally accumulated biogens?
Answered 3 December 2005.
Question author: Natasha.
Asked 2 December 2005.

If the physical diffusion flux of some biogen does not exceed the biotic productivity with respect to this biogen, then such a biogen is locally accumulated (synonym locally regulated), because in such a case local biota is powerful enough to maintain any needed concentration of that biogen irrespective of its concentration in the external physical environment. All organic biogens are locally regulated (e.g., organic carbon), as well as inorganic soil biogens (e.g., soil phosphorus). Atmospheric carbon is not locally accumulated due to the powerful atmospheric mixing. The notions of globally and locally accumulated (regulated) biogens and biotic sensitivity (Gorshkov, 1984) are central to the description of the biotic regulation mechanism. For more information, the interested reader can consult Sections 4.1 and 2.1 of Gorshkov et al. (2004).