Discussions and media coverage

Here we list links to web discussions of the biotic regulation propositions. Most discussions pertain to the biotic pump and condensation-induced dynamics. We also list links showing how the various biotic regulation publications are covered by the media (see below).

Smart Biotic Pump Summit in Czech Republic (youtube lectures)
Jan Pokorny "Role of plants in distribution of solar energy"
Antonio Donato Nobre "The mighty Amazon, maker of rain"
Douglas Sheil "Forests and water: Advances and Controversies"
Paulo Nobre "Earth System Modeling Capabilities in Brazil"
Anastassia Makarieva "Discovery of biotic pump, consequences of deforestation for the water cycle"
Anastassia Makarieva "Biotic pump of atmospheric moisture"
Anastassia Makarieva "Biotic pump brief"
More videos here

interview for Ecoshock radio (biotic regulation, not just biotic pump!)
interview for ChannelAfrica radio (7.7 Mb)
"Forests versus hurricanes" (CIFOR blog by Douglas Sheil)
New hurricane research discussed at Climate Etc. of Prof. Judith Curry
How hurricanes replenish their vast supply of rainwater (PhysicsWorld)

2015 Biotic pump media review

Discussions in the open access journals of the European Geosciences Union

These journals have a two-stage publication system (details here). During the first stage the submitted manuscript after having passed a minimal quality screening is published in the special Discussions volume. During the eight weeks after the publication the paper undergoes an open peer-review. Every registered member of the scientific community can make a comment on the paper. Referees can publish their comments signed or anonymous. The following discussions shed light on the controversies surrounding the biotic pump concept and the condensation-induced atmospheric dynamics.

  • Discussion of "Biotic pump of atmospheric moisture as driver of the hydrological cycle on land" (Makarieva A.M., Gorshkov V.G.)" in HESSD 2006-2007
  • Discussion of "Comment on "Biotic pump of atmospheric moisture as driver of the hydrological cycle on land" by A. M. Makarieva and V. G. Gorshkov, Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 11, 10131033, 2007" (Meesters, Dolman, Bruijnzeel) in HESSD 2009
    (see details in our news)
  • Discussion of "On the validity of representing hurricanes as Carnot heat engine" (Makarieva, Gorshkov, Li) in ACPD 2008
  • Discussion of "Where do winds come from? A new theory on how water vapor condensation influences atmospheric pressure and dynamics" (Makarieva, Gorshkov, Sheil, Nobre, Li) in ACPD 2010-2011

Discussions in the blogosphere

This discussion followed the publication of the "Where do winds come from?" paper in the ACP in January 2013. See also here.

These discussions followed the publication of the "Where do winds come from?" paper in the ACPD in October 2010. Most discussions were hosted on the blogs of Jeff Condon (the Air Vent), Judith Curry (Climate Etc.), Lucia Liljegren (the Blackboard), Nick Stokes (moyhu) and Anthony Watts (WUWT).

Relevant publications on our blog "Stormy Science"

Media coverage of biotic regulation works

Listed newest first.

Reactions to "Where do winds come from?" publication in the Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
Controversial research outlines physics behind how forests may bring rain
Jeremy Hance mongabay.com 30 January 2013.
Keep rainforests they drive the planet's winds
Fred Pearce New Scientist 31 January 2013, No. 2902.
Forests as rainmakers: CIFOR scientist gains support for a controversial hypothesis
Ashlee Betterige Forests News (Center for International Forestry Research) 28 January 2013.
New study claims forests cause winds and rain
Southern Cross University 30 January 2013.
Branching out on climate
Graham Lloyd The Australian 02 February 2013 PDF (3 Mb).
Regnskog kan fungera som vindfabriker
Karin og Jesper Institutet Sveriges Radio 30 March 2013.
? , 3, 2013, . 12-13.
Streit um die biotische Pumpe
Lucian Hass Deutschlandradio 23 April 2013.
Whether the paper should have been published, or not:
Richard Smith: The editor thinks your paper is nonsense but will publish anyway
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Throws Itself Into the Trash
Makarieva et al finally get their groundbreaking paper on Atmospheric Thermodynamics published
Accepted at Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics after nearly two and half years
Peer review problems at EGU journals?

Re: Life's metabolic optimum
3,006 Species Cant Be Wrong. Jeffrey Marlow. Wired. The Extremophiles. 19 July 2012.

Re: Temperature limits to body size
How Titanoboa, the 40-Foot-Long Snake, Was Found. Guy Gugliotta. Smithsonian magazine. April 2012.

Re: Biotic pump of atmospheric moisture
Interview to mongabay.com "Is the Russian forest code a warning for Brazil?"
Documentary "Amazonia Amenazada" ("Amazonia under Threat") with introduction of the biotic pump concept (Telesur, Venezuela). 30 November 2011.
Seeing the wood. James Astill. The Economist. 23 September 2010.
Russia Today 2010 (starting from 19:38) "Meet the young guns of Russian science!"
Do rain forests make rain? Steve Mirski. Scientific American, July 2009.
D. Sheil and D. Murdiyarso's paper on biotic pump has been translated into Hungarian and is available here.
Faculty of 1000 Biology posted two evaluations on the biotic pump topic.
How forests attract rain: An examination of a new hypothesis. Douglas Sheil and Daniel Murdiyarso. Bioscience, 59, 341-347 (2009).
Rainforests may pump winds worldwide. Fred Pearce. New Scientist, No. 2702, April 01, 2009.
Revolutionary new theory overturns modern meteorology with claim that forests move rain. Jeremy Hance. Mongabay.com, April 01, 2009.
The Green Ocean of Life. Yekaterina Donskaya. National Geographic Russia, March 2009, pp. 50-54 (Section "Voices", in Russian).

Re: Life's metabolic optimum (October 2008)
New Scientist: Most lifeforms dance to the same metabolic beat
New Scientist: Is there an optimum speed of life?
WIRED: Pound for Pound, All Life Uses Same Amount of Energy
GAZETA.RU: Power of biological processes in all living beings appears to be surprisingly uniform
University of California, Riverside: Ecologists Say Metabolism Accounts for Why Natural Selection Favors Only Some Species
Stellenbosch University, South Africa: Gram for gram, it costs about the same amount to live, whether bacterium or whale
See also here.

The atlantes hold the sky. A new look on the driving forces of the continental moisture cycle. I.E. Reif writes about the biotic pump of atmospheric moisture in Nauka i zhizn ("Science and Life"). ("Nauka i zhizn", No. 9 (2008), pp. 2-9, 0.9 Mb, translated from Russian). Article link on the journal's website: http://www.nkj.ru/archive/articles/14638/.

Forest pump of Professor Gorshkov. R. Nudelman.
Znanie - sila (Knowledge is power), October 2007 (in Russian).
See also Forest pump of Professor Gorshkov. R. Nudelman.
Okna, Israel. 25 May 2007 (in Russian).

Savanization of the Amazon can cause climate impact in the Country: Studies show that the shrinking of Forests must affect winds, increase El Nino frequency and provoke drought (PDF, 0.4 Mb)
O Estado de Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 8 April 2007 (in Portuguese).

Who broke the climate pump? Ye. Kokurina.
Moscow News, 19 January 2007 (in Russian).

Halfway between the happy end and the Apocalypse. I. Frankfurter.
[PDF, 0.5 Mb] Vesti Jerusalem, 9 February 2006.

Carbon devourers. Izvestiya Nauka, No. 4 (82), 24 January 2003 (in Russian).
A short adapted note (and our commentary to it) reviewing the results obtained by Gorshkov and Makarieva (2002).

Our breath damps the hell fire. A. Valentinov.
Rossiiskaya gazeta, N 86 (2954), 17 May 2002 (in Russian).
Our commentary to the article by A. Valentinov (in Russian).